​incredible acts of kindness, like the mom who handmade the head-cover, and the protective cloth-mask to be able to safe guard the surgical masks underneath, and the kids' notes reflecting the gratitude even when receiving painful vaccines.  All these kind acts have kept us smiling, have given strength, and added determination to be here and to never give up -


Facts about COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines

they are safe and effective

facts about all other vaccines - safe and effective

any vaccines - prevent illness and death caused by these pathogens

moments I will never forget 

thank you all for these

​thank you for your kindness,

you all make this a worthwhile journey

3W​s   - wear a mask - watch your distance - wash your hands

2Vs   - ventilate - vaccinate

we finally can vaccinate against the sars-2-covid-19 virus

please get vaccinated whenever, wherever you can

Pfizer vaccine for anybody older than 16

Moderna for everybody older than 18

J and J for anybody older than 18

fact 1:

first all at risk groups will be vaccinated


all patients 16 years (Pfizer) old and older will be offered the vaccine - 

expect the call by hopefully early spring of 2021 for teens older than 12 years (moderna)

fact 3:

nobody can get sick from the vaccine

 fact 4:

Pfizer and Moderna covid vaccine are mRNA vaccines of highest efficacy, it were developed using the most advanced knowledge and integrating over 100 years of research on how to generate the most effective, safest injectable to prevent a horrid illness

fact 5:

children under 16 years of age will be immunized later in the year after further test group results will be analyzed and verified

fact 6:

there are no contraindications except for anaphylaxis to other injectables

anaphylaxis to polyethyleneglycol might be at the source of the allergic reaction observed in TWO patients in the UK

- both patients recuperated within minutes and are well, both had a history of anaphylaxis to injectable medicines

fact 7:

we need at least 70% of the population vaccinated with 2 doses to be able to live our lives like before the pandemic

- no masks, having large fun parties again, hugging everybody

fact 8:

even if you had covid as illness it is recommended you get vaccinated with 2 doses for protection (just like everybody else)

fact 9:

Yes, everybody in our office has been vaccinated now

The science behind it is solid, the researchers that worked on a sars-vaccine worked for many years on the development of this type of vaccine, the pandemic can only be overcome if we all get

vaccinated just like we did for measles, polio, etc.

fact 10:

It is a "YES" for pregnant women about the vaccine -

CDC and FDA state that

- it is advisable to assess the risk of severe disease vs. protection from illness, and get vaccinated also during pregnancy

Please continue believing science, adopt and promote the simple rules of INFECTION CONTROL


- wear a mask

- watch your distance

- wash your hands


- ventilate

- vaccinate

please be part of the solution not of the problem



please follow recommendations by the health department when diagnosed with covid-19

please be part of the solution on how to minimize spread and maximize protection for the the next person and you

How to clean your home - please visit the following website:


we are seeing patients every 30 minutes only - on the hour and on the half an hour-, nobody ever crosses another patient, after each visit we clean all surfaces, there are only one patient and one parent allowed in the office at any time.  Nobody without a set time of visit is allowed to be in the office area.


"well, immunizations needed, no illness present" visits before 2 PM

"under the weather/not feeling well" visits will be offered after 2 PM

do not delay Emergency room visits

medicine goes on

it is not just covid

kids get injured, other diseases must be treated, delay only causes harm

Emergency rooms we recommend are:

Stamford Hospital

White Plains Hospital

Maria Fareri Children's Hospital

(this recommendation of the local Hospitals is based on the availability of physically separate areas for children in the ER, and the maintenance of separate pediatric floors for children if admitted to in hospital care)

Columbia, Mt Sinai, Weill Cornell, NYU, Yale 

all are major teaching Hospitals with some of the best pediatric subspecialties AND pediatric subspecialists available for the care of children at any time of the day.  Any of these Hospitals are reachable within 20-45min from Rye, NY.


- children under the age of 10 years of age might not be affected as SEVERELY, but will nevertheless might experience some marked long-term effects of a covid infection such as MSID (multi system inflammatory disease)

- the multi-system inflammatory (MSID) response seen in kids is rare and is NOT the same as kawasaki, and is also not to be confused with that condition

we are witnessing a NEW disease, we are learning how to manage it, we are going to adjust recommendations, and we are going to be safer once we have a vaccine

But for right now there remains only one safe behavior

- no parties

- wear a mask if closer than 10 feet

- meet your friends outside

- move away from crowds, even the best mask will not prevent the viral load, and that load will ultimately determine how sick you will get, and how likely you may end up with a life threatening complication

- do not let go

In the mean time this remains true, people at higher risk are:

- any one with a BMI over 35, patients on ACE inhibitors (and possibly other blood-pressure medications), heart disease/conditions patients, people on immunosuppressive and/or chemotherapy, individuals with diabetes, COPD, lung conditions caused by smoking, marijuana use, vaping, or any drugs that affect lung function (legal or illegal), or if you are over 70 years old with one or more underlying conditions, and if you are male

if you have any questions please call - 914 967 9000

testing -  

please see the links and visit the NY or CT gov. sites

testing run by the State sites IS FREE of charge

ANTIBODY TESTING (venous blood draw) 

- is available in our office! 

 Antibody tests are not to be used to feel reassured that "one now is protected if positive". 

We still do not know how high the levels of antibody must be to have protection (please call the office for further info 914 967 9000)

if you do what we recommend, and everybody else does the same thing, we will achieve the best outcome


AAP Report on Initial Guidance: Management of Infants Born to Mothers with COVID-19

please inform yourself on the AAP website for up-to-date guidelines

Key points:

-  Current evidence is consistent with low rates of transmission during or around the time of birth, and is inconclusive about transmission of SARS-CoV-2 from mothers with COVID-19 to their newborns during pregnancy.

-  Neonates can acquire SARS-CoV-2 after birth. Their immature immune system leaves newborns vulnerable to other serious respiratory viral infections, raising concern that SARS-CoV-2 may cause severe disease among neonates.

-  Airborne, Droplet, and Contact Precautions should be utilized when attending deliveries from women with COVID-19 due to the increased likelihood of maternal virus aerosols and the potential need to administer newborn resuscitation to infants with COVID-19 infection that can generate virus aerosol.

-  When the physical environment allows, newborns should be separated at birth from mothers with COVID-19.

-  SARS-CoV-2 has not been detected in breast milk to date. Mothers with COVID-19 can express breast milk to be fed to their infants by uninfected caregivers until specific maternal criteria are met.

-  Infants born to mothers with COVID-19 will be tested at 24 hrs of birth and at 48hrs, or if still negative 72hrs testing can be done.

-  A newborn who has a documented SARS-CoV-2 infection (or who remains at risk for postnatal acquisition of COVID-19 due to inability to test the infant) requires frequent outpatient follow-up via telephone, telemedicine, or in-person assessments through 14 days after discharge.

-  After hospital discharge, a mother with COVID-19 is advised to maintain a distance of at least 6 feet from the newborn, and when in closer proximity use a mask and hand-hygiene for newborn care until (a) she is afebrile for 72 hours without use of fever lowering remedies, and (b) at least 7 days have passed since symptoms first appeared.