​​Our experienced and professional staff treats patients from newborn babies to young adults up to 21 years of age.  Our services include everything from general pediatric medical care to handling complex medical conditions, travel medicine, and medical prevention services.  We also assist with domestic and international medical relocations.  

toddlers 1-3

Children in this age group love inspiring people, love being in contact with nature, animals, arts, explorations, and finding solutions to stimulate their imagination. We can guide them, and lessen their doubts by ....

newborns and infants 0-1

The young child is here to discover the world, they will do that best in a safe and supportive environment, and will thrive when unconditionally loved...

Traditionally viewed as one of the most challenging moments in parenting, we can embrace this time as the precious period of incredible growth and maturation your child undergoes to become a strong and secure young adult ready to embark  ...  

Basic Medical Care

children 3-11

adolescents 11-21

The way your baby is going to be viewed and treated from day one on will influence and determine your level of comfort, and your baby's level of trust for many years.  ...

In Town Pediatrics

​Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine

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Elena E. Gazzola, MD, FAAP

​Clinical Assistant Professor of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine