Traditionally viewed as one of the most challenging moments in parenting, we can embrace this time as the precious period of incredible growth and maturation your child undergoes to become a strong and secure young adult ready to embark  new frontiers  and pursue new dreams ... 

The way your baby is going to be viewed and treated from day one on, will influence and determine your level of comfort, and your baby's level of trust for many years to come.  Your view of the baby is shaped by the care given, how the challenges are tackled, and how the world responds to your dedication to the new family unit

Dr Elena Gazzola, MD, FAAP

Assistant Clinical Professor of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine

adolescents 11-21

​​​​Medical Care​ in Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine

our core values

Pediatrics is a most rewarding specialty.  Pediatricians are trained to diagnose any disease by taking into consideration the different expressions of a condition at the different stages of life, and the various ways a condition can manifest based on the overall health, social, cultural, and family background.  It is in fact a specialty that includes ALL.  We treat all ages from day 1 to 21 years of age, and will accompany the family during all transitions with the aim to assist the patients until they have reached the young adulthood, and are safely transitioning to take care of their health needs.

I will never forget my teachers' most important advice: 

"the way you treat will have an impact on the patient's health sometimes for a lifetime". 

This is the core of pediatric medicine.  We are here to guide, to prevent, to heal, and to optimize all outcome.  My promise has always been:

"if I do not know it, there will be somebody out there that can help me, and you, and I will make sure you will be connected to that physician"

children 3-11



In 2002 Dr Elena Gazzola founded a pediatric office as an independent physician.

The driving force behind the office was the need for the local families, surrounding towns' kids, and International expatriates to have a private setting, of care and top level medicine.  A place that would connect anybody to the next expert physician, to the best subspecialists in pediatrics, and to the most advanced knowledge in Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine.  This office was not to reflect another behemoth office where patients are being driven through the pipelines to maximize profits.  This office was created to reflect the FUN, COMPASSION, TOP LEVEL KNOWLEDGE, ADVANCED LEVEL OF SCIENTIFIC REASONING, PREVENTION OF DISEASE, UNDERSTANDING OF CONDITIONS, AND ABOVE ALL - KEEP THE PATIENT AT THE CENTER OF THE ATTENTION AT ALL TIMES, while integrating the family's values, traditions, and love for their children without having to compromise care and treatment values.

Dr G, as so many kids and parents call her, has dedicated her days to keep the office a place where the kids run in to see her, to tell her about their aches and pains, but also to call her up after many years just to tell her what they have become.  More than 5 former patients have become physicians themselves, 90% of the front-staff have moved on to go to medical school and are now surgeons, pediatricians, family physicians, and even one veterinarian.  The office has seen some former teenagers become parents, and Dr G has become a "grandma" to some of the former patients who are bringing their own children back to her for care.  



Our experienced and professional staff treats patients from newborn babies to young adults up to 21 years of age.  Our services include everything from general pediatric medical care to handling complex medical conditions, travel medicine, and medical prevention services.  We also assist with domestic and international medical relocation.  

Children in this age group love inspiring people, love being in contact with nature, animals, arts, explorations, and finding solutions to stimulate their imagination. We can guide them, and lessen their doubts by ....


1-3 years


    This is the time to explore, there are no limits, no fear, the toddlers will find boundaries, have fun with everything. These little bundles of energy can drive any parent to exhaustion, and yet when they look at you and utter those first words such as  "I love you" your life will find a depth never experienced before ...

newborns and infants day 1 to 1year old

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